Hong Kong Maternity Insurance

You may have reached a stage in life where you are ready to start a family of you own. Before getting pregnant, or early on in your pregnancy, it is always advisable to take out some sort of HK Maternity insurance so that you and your unborn baby receive adequate medical treatment.

This is particularly the case in Hong Kong, where medical costs for antenatal and maternity care can be costly. The region ranks as having the second most expensive medical fees (after the USA). Furthermore, hospitals with the best maternity wards are highly sought after and come at a price. For instance, standard delivery of a child at certain medical institutions could cost as much as HK$120,000 (US$15,000). This is typical for a normal pregnancy and subsequent delivery, but should complications arise at any point in time, accumulative treatments could result in significantly higher fees than the average. Therefore, purchasing a Hong Kong Medical Insurance plan that includes a maternity cover can help offset costs if you experience problems while giving birth.

Costly medical fees are not the only issues facing HK residents. The official handover of Hong Kong in 1997, saw a surge of pregnant mothers from the Chinese Mainland coming into the region to utilize its superior maternity facilities, particularly in the public hospitals, when compared to the their homeland. This has put Hong Kong's Healthcare infrastructure under strain. Local expectant mothers are having to compete with Chinese nationals for the limited number of slots available for child birth, causing Hong Kong residents stress.

To combat this issue, the Hong Kong government has initiated a mandatory advanced booking fee of approximately HK$39,000 for non-residents wishing to give birth in the region's public hospitals. The prepayment entitles the mothers-to-be to a three day, two night stay with appropriate medical support. Although the cost of the maternity package is somewhat lower than having your child at a private hospital, it is still a large sum to pay all at once. A HK medical policy with maternity insurance coverage takes care of the expenses and lets you choose where to have your baby. This lets you concentrate on making other preparations for the new addition to your family.

We have partnered with the very best insurance providers worldwide, such as Bupa International, that demonstrate superior expertise and coverage on every aspect of your pregnancy, including antenatal care. If you would like more details on the insurers that we partner with please contact us.

Hong Kong Maternity Insurance Waiting Periods

Most HK Healthcare insurance with maternity coverage benefits have a waiting period. This is the minimum amount of time required you must be enrolled in a policy before you can start obtaining any benefits from it for any maternity related treatments. Hong Kong Maternity coverage insurance benefits are applied to HK coverage policies through one of the following two methods:

From the Start of the Plan

Many insurance providers often apply this type of waiting period to most medical insurance plans in HK. Thus, you must complete the waiting period imposed on the policy before you can claim any treatments you receive.

For example, your insurer has stipulated a nine month waiting period on your Maternity benefits taken out with your health insurance. Thus, treatments received before the nine month waiting period has concluded will not be eligible for coverage under your HK policy.

The length of waiting periods enforced on pregnancy insurance coverage often differ between individual insurance companies and will usually range from 8 months to 12 months.

Until Conception

Until conception waiting periods are scarcely seen on medical policies including maternity cover. This type of waiting period is initiated at the start of your insurance policy and full maternity coverage can only be received after you have been on your plan for a fixed time frame.

Wait times are typically 12 months long, and you will have to wait for the end of this stipulated period before any maternity healthcare benefits are made available to you. Thus, if you give birth before the end of your waiting period, you will not qualify for coverage under your Maternity Health insurance, in accordance with terms and conditions.

Should you be unable to obtain Maternity Medical insurance to cover the conception subject to the wait time limitation on your policy, you may be able to instead apply for coverage for your baby. To find out more, please go to the New Born Child Insurance Coverage section.

Hong Kong Maternity Medical Insurance Coverage

Once you decide to buy maternity benefits under a health cover plan you will be presented with a variety of options to choose from to give you comprehensive coverage throughout your pregnancy. Some of the Maternity coverage benefits are comprised of the following:

  • Normal delivery: Giving birth without complications
  • Complicated delivery: Complications with giving birth
  • Pre and Post-natal check-ups and treatments
  • Hospital and or home delivery expenses
  • Medically necessary Caesarian section (C-Section)

Coverage may be obtained for treatments in exceptional circumstances like IVF and delivery expenses post IVF.

Maternity Insurance HK Quote

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