Recent Study Examines Use of Mobile Phones while Driving

A team at Carnegie Mellon University and the London School of Economics has recently published a study that claims that talking on a mobile phone while driving does not lead to an increased chance of an accident, contrary to the popular belief of almost twenty years. read more

Latest Car-Safety Features Mean Fewer Crashes and Car Insurance Claims

Car manufacturers all over the world have been developing new car-safety technology aimed at assisting drivers and reducing the likelihood of getting into an accident. Such technologies can potentially facilitate smoother traffic, especially in a busy city like Hong Kong, where people are often in a rush to get from point A to B, in turn causing a high possibility of getting into an accident. Aside from reducing the number of fatalities and injuries on the road, fewer crashes also means a lower number of vehicle insurance claims. However, most Hong Kong insurers are unlikely to start lowering their premiums or offering discounts until the safety features become more widely accepted. read more

IEM Screening: Will Insurers Cover Genetic Testing?

Chinese University of Hong Kong and Joshua Hellmann Foundation for Orphan Disease have created an Inborn Errors of Metabolism screening program for newborns but this will most likely not be covered by medical insurance. read more

Are breast cancer prevention methods covered by medical insurance policies?

In light of Angelina Jolie’s recent double mastectomy surgery, Kwiksure takes a look at breast cancer prevention methods and whether these are covered by medical insurance policies. read more

Kwiksure Examines Feasibility of Vehicle GPS in Hong Kong

Global Positioning Systems (GPS), formerly known as NAVSTAR GPS, owes its inception and development to two engineers, Ivan Getting and Bradford Parkinson. Working for the US Defence department, they crafted a satellite system that can feed non-stop navigational data for military purposes. read more

Prospective Green Vehicle Owners Advised to Seek Most Competitive Car Insurance Coverage

The thick blanket of grey, stinky, smog that engulfed Beijing two and half weeks ago was particularly terrible, even for China, but Beijing regularly experiences high levels of pollution and this frequently affects its neighbors. Being so close to the mainland, it is not that unusual to find Hong Kong’s skyline also hidden from view by a layer of smog. read more

U.S. Car Insurers Exhibit Prejudice Against Good Low-Income Drivers

In the United States, auto insurers have been found to weigh a client’s job and education level above their driving history when determining their insurance premiums. When setting rates for minimum-liability auto insurance coverage, clients who otherwise were on identical standings received lower quotes if they were more qualified, or in a higher paying job, despite having a worse driving record involving hundreds of dollars in more

Hong Kong’s Underage Drinkers

We’re in Wan Chai, and its Wednesday. The girls are drinking for free and the boys have taken formation outside 7-Eleven. Nobody wants to think about tomorrow. Alcohol consumption amongst Hong Kong youth has risen over the past two decades, as surveys from the ‘Youth Research Centre’ point to over 20% percent of local respondents admitting to drinking alcohol under the legal purchasing age. read more

Hong Kong’s Private Hospitals – To Tax or not to Tax?

Private hospitals in Hong Kong are under close scrutiny after claims that many have violated terms and deserve to have their tax exemptions revoked. Nine of the city’s eleven private hospitals are run by non-profit churches and as charitable institutions, are exempt from tax under section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance. Profits for individual private hospitals reach $400 million annually, and with fiscal reserves of up to a few billion dollars, there are suggestions that hospitals under ‘non-profit’ organisations should no longer be allowed tax-free status. read more

Hong Kong Medical Insurance Market increasingly popular with International Health Insurers

Hong Kong's largest and oldest 'insurance supermarket', Kwiksure, has seen a deluge of new medical insurance plans from key global insurers into the Hong Kong market in 2012. AXA, Liberty, Zurich and now Cigna have all entered the medical insurance segment, or offered enhanced products, to try and capture a share of the growing market. read more