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  • The Ultimate Hong Kong Motor Guide

    As one of the biggest and most experienced car insurance brokers in the region, we've decided to put our know how to good use and roll out a guide to share insightful facts and reference information for our Hong Kong readers. This will include a range of information from the most sought after cars to the most dependable four wheelers.

    To accommodate newcomer drivers to the motor market, we have also included a concise guide to buying a car for the first time with what information should be considered, especially if the car in question is a used car.

    Top Three Motors

    • BMW
    • Toyota
    • Mercedes

    Considering Asia's love affair with BMW, it's not surprising to see them at the top of the list. The German manufacturer has a reputation of producing cars with superb handling that can happily negotiate corners with ease, without too much oversteer. Toyota and Mercedes are also popular contenders, as those motors are often used as a vehicle of choice in the local entertainment industry to chauffeur celebrities.

    Top reliable motors

    For many consumers, reliability plays a huge part in the choice of vehicle picked. In a busy and buzzing city like Hong Kong, where the roads are frequently congested, it might be more ideal to find a trusty car that won't suffer frequent breakdowns.

    Small cars

    • Audi A1
    • Mazda 3
    • Mercedes A/B Class
    • Volkswagen Golf

    Middle of the road cars

    • BMW 3/5 series
    • Mercedes E Class
    • Honda Accord
    • Toyota Camry

    Big and powerful vehicles

    • BMW 7 Series
    • Mercedes S Class
    • Lexus RX
    • Lamborghini

    Across all three sizes, Japanese car manufacturers still dominate the reliability index and have done so for many years with certain models from German makers fighting for the top spot.

    What to look for as a first time car buyer

    With so much choice on the market, we've come up with some essential points to look for when you are a new buyer.

    • Reviews – these are helpful to gauge and weigh the pros and cons of each car.
    • Price – How much you are willing to spend and is it within your price point?
    • Motor History – For second hand cars, usually most cars will have this but check with the seller.
    • Mileage – how far has the vehicle traveled before purchase?
    • Car parking space – where can you park your new car?

    Ultimately, you would want to match the car to your personal requirements, particularly if you have a family. If you decide to purchase a used car, make sure that the seller can produce a record of its history so you can guarantee there are no hidden faults that you would otherwise be unaware of. It can be useful to add in the costs of maintenance to get an idea of how much you may have to fork out yearly, then you can put aside a sum to cover the unexpected – just to be on the safe side. Having a secure premises to park your car may help to obtain lower quotes on your car insurance.

    Car insurance

    Motor insurance is a must here and Hong Kong law states that you and your vehicle must be covered for liability against third party injuries. The majority of car insurance companies will offer two types of insurance: third party and comprehensive. Third party insurance typically will cover your third party claims for injuries as well as property damage. Comprehensive insurance will protect both the driver and third parties against damages but you can expect to pay more for the premium.

    We strongly recommend that you compare prices between insurers to get the most competitive offer. An insurance broker will be able to help you obtain quotes from a variety of insurers as well as provide you with extra information about policy information. Please note that if you just received your probationary license plate, you can expect to pay more for your insurance. However, this will decrease annually as you gain more experience on the road.

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